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Siobhan I
27 May 2010

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Lights Across the Bay
18 April 2010

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Silhouette of a Hiker
5 April 2010

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Blue Sky Climbing
27 March 2010

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Fallen Tree
25 February 2010

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People on Königstrasse
22 February 2010

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21 February 2010

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Glass Facade
8 February 2010

Recent Comments

Saeid on Monkey Nuts and Bokeh
Real Warm Photo !!

Saeid on The River Nevis
Very Cool photo !! It Gives me a real energy ..

Saeid on Becky
Nice Colors !! Fantastic feelings !

Saeid on Sea King III
Lovely one !! Great catch Katherine :)

Céline on Sea King II
Nice shot !

Dixie on Becky
What a beautiful young lady bart

Kenny on Sea King
Very cool perspective. I don't ever critique, but since you asked for advice above, I would take some of the ...

Kenny on The River Nevis
Really nice silhouette and the fast shutter speed captures the water perfectly.

Kenny on The River Nevis
Nicely captured action scene.

MARIANA on Sea King
excellent framing and capture ;)

Rayak on Sea King
It reminds me of something ;-) ( ). Nice picture with the yellow color of ...

Kenny on Becky
Nice portrait of a lovely young lady.

Stefan on Becky
Good natural portrait, well done!

Bhavin on Becky
lovely capture! :D

Dixie on Penny
very beautiful picture, well done Bart

Alun on Cupcakes II
I'll put the kettle on, tea or coffee

Sonia Nansid on Cupcakes I
Nicely done. So cool to use B&W.

Alun on Cupcakes I
MMMmmm, looking very nice

pax on Snowy Plant
Beautiful light.

Alun on Snowy Plant
very nice DOF, lovely shot

Alun on Platforms 1, 2, 3, 4, 19 and 20
looks really busy, good shot

JCJ on Round and Round and Round...
beautiful colors and good angle

eversmile on Round and Round and Round...
A superb explosion of colors , in this festive celebration of movement. For a pic without a tripod... kudos! Regards ...

Leahhhkay on Round and Round and Round...
this is awesome. i love the colors too

Sonia Nansid on Round and Round and Round...

Curly on Round and Round and Round...
Great angle to attack it from Katherine.

guillaume on Round and Round and Round...
Vertiginous shot !

Rick on On Princes Street
Nice motion to enhance the clarity of perspective you have so well presented.

Sonia Nansid on On Princes Street
Nicely done. I love the mood.

alex centrella on Snowy Plant
stunning image ...

Kent on Snowy Plant
Lovely image

Alun on Tree and Grass
super shot, Happy New Year!!

Phil Morris on Tree and Grass
Superb, I think the light is perfect. Happy New Year to you in 2011 !~

Sonia Nansid on Snowy Seaside

Ron on Snowy Seaside
I like the sense of solitude suggested here ... ron

Alun on Snowy Seaside
very good image, the girl is very well positioned

foto-rolero54-color on A Walk on the Beach
Lovely shot ! Bravo !

Alun on A Walk on the Beach
A really lovely winter image, looks a lovely walk

philip earl on Lonely Bench
very good photo ~ Lonely now but soon lovers will sit here and hold hands !!

klauSZ on Lonely Bench
... sometimes the details are the essential ... congrats!

alex centrella on Lonely Bench
nice catch ...

pax on Lonely Bench
Lonely and cold...but is a very nice picture.

Hooman on Lonely Bench
that s like a symbol of lonely nice shot

Hooman on Beyond Barbs
simple... nice shot

Ana Lúcia on Beyond Barbs
Good depth of field. Merry Christmas.

Alun on Beyond Barbs
very cool image, well spotted

Alun on To The Mountains!
love the view to the mountains, great image

Alun on Blue Sky Climbing
I have done a little bit but i'm more into walking and scrambling in the mountains. when we moved up north we ...

Alun on Bunkhouse Black Tie
Sounds like great fun, nice one

Becky on Spikes!
oh no! I wouldn't have the courage - great shot!

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